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I just wonder if Song for you is the only song that Mahiro and Miria got a lot of lines. Is that right?

They sing in No More Distance too, but not as much as they do in Song For You.

Poker Face PV making

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IMO, after seeing her singing live, Momoka is not a really great singer that VF gives her a lot of solo lines in Fairies's single however it's not easy to sing live and dance like that... So, I hope her debut is a success so she'll be happy that her hard work is worth it and I hope fans support her too
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I hate this green costume, especially a skirt. I love the white vest costume. It's a lot better and make her looks so cool
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2014.07.22 - MC + Look At Me (17:00)

it’s actually named ‘LOOK AT ME!!’ but I don’t want to sound angry lol

2014.07.22 - MC + Dance Performance (15:00)

2014.07.22 - Poker Face + MC (13:00)

Anonymous asked:
is there any lyrics for M Three Your Love? thanks

it’s not out yet

Jacket Making of Poker Face