Anonymous asked:
oh my gawd the new theme rocks! the logo and bbml music box are awesome too! did you make the music box yourself? it's so calming


Nope, I don’t even know how people make that…

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Anonymous asked:
honestly i expected the new theme to have summer colors because bling bling my love is a summer song but this new theme is gorgeous and gothic. now i want fairies to try a gothic style for the next single haha!!

Actually, I wanted to use BBML as an inspiration for the new look, but the previous theme was summer-ish anyway so I decided to try a new look.

See? Very Summer-ish.

LOL that would be interesting <3 I’d love to see them in a dark style, yesss! *__*

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kamikingyo asked:
Whatever happened to the Fairies manga?

It was published on a magazine called “Margaret” and it lasted for few months.

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I have changed the theme. Please check it ♥

The logo I used was illustrated by Sora for Fairies Summer Party live tour goods.

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