Fairies have successfully wrapped up their first live tour! Congratulations!

Big thanks to KETZ, the lady who was in charge of the stage production and costumes.

VF hasn’t announced a DVD yet, but fans say that the second live in Tokyo will be on DVD because there was a text that said (roughly translated) “If no accidents occurred, this live will be on DVD.”

Fairies tweets:

Momoka: Summer party 2014 live tour has safely ended. Thanks to everyone who came! I had so so so so much fun! It has become the best summer memory for me! I hope it’s the same for you.

Miki: The live tour ended safely! Thanks to everyone who came. I had so much fun, it was the best! I’m still dazed in the afterglow of the ended in a blink. But that’s not all from Fairies, we will do more! We will continue to perform for many people in many different places, that’s what the tour made me feel.

Miria: Thanks to everyone who came to Fairies live tour. It was a fun, hot summer. From now on, please treat us well. Thank you!

Mahiro: The last day of the tour has ended! I knew it, I love lives so much♡ I had fun! To those who came, I’m waiting to hear your opinions! Really, thanks a lot!

Sora: The live has ended~! I had so much fun! Thanks a lot!

Rikako: Thank you for coming to our live tour. We were able to hold this tour thanks to the support we have received from each one of you. From now on, we will do more in full swing. With you of course.

2014.08.27 in Fukuoka - BLING BLING MY LOVE (17:00)

2014.08.27 in Fukuoka - Super Hero + Run With U (17:00)

2014.08.27 in Fukuoka - BLING BLING MY LOVE (15:00)

2014.08.27 in Fukuoka - Beat Generation + Hikari no Hate ni (15:00)


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