Happy 16th Birthday Miki~

Happy 16th birthday, Shimomura Miki!


Vote for Fairies to guest on NTV’s Best Artist 2014 (11/26)

Here is the link

I think it’s fine to type their name in English, but using the katakana name is better. “フェアリーズ”


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Anonymous asked:
Did Rikako already graduate from high school or is she graduating April 2015?

Still a high school student

Anonymous asked:
Are they taking a break or still promoting bbml?

They stopped promoting BBML in September.

They’re not on a break, but I guess they’re not very busy.

The fifth episode of Afterschool Fairies

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8

The next episode will be aired on October, 23rd (Thursday) and Fairies will make an announcement.

Anonymous asked:
If a member were to quit Fairies do they graduate like other idols or they withdrew with no graduation concert?

They just leave. Kawane didn’t meet fans before she left, she just posted a message.

Anonymous asked:
which era of Faries do you like? I like the white Angle era...everybody's looks was top notch and so was the songs.

Tweet Dream/Sparkle cuz they were so popular back then.

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Anonymous asked:
no reply from them yet, are you okay with JpopGirlGroups or still fighting?

It was just a misunderstanding, not a fight.
And everything’s okay ♡

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